FAQs Containers

These frequently asked questions about containers offer the necessary answers that you need to know to make informed decisions about your containers in Durban. We have split these questions into container purchase, container hire and container conversion.

Container purchase.

There are many questions that often come up in the mind of the clients concerning shipping containers purchases. Although we may not be able to explore all the questions, we are going to be able to answer some of the most important like these ones.

How do you choose the best container for sale ?

A lot of clients are confused about the choice of their containers.  There are clients who buy 10 feet containers and after sometime, they come back to us saying that they needed a 20 feet. To make sure that you find the best container for sale, first access the reason for buying.

It is important to know why are buying that container. For example, if you purchasing the container to carry different commodities from one region to another, you must know the quantity of the commodities that you often carry and this will help you find the best container to suit your needs.

Should I buy or hire the container?

A lot of clients get disturbed when it comes to this question. They don’t know whether they should buy or hire the container. To fully get the best answer, you must know why you need the container and the amount of money that you are willing to spend.

There are clients who simply want to use the containers temporarily and after that, they will have little use for them . Such clients are in a better position hiring than buying. If you are just starting out and you have little money to  invest in any container, start by hiring and later buy.

Can I convert the container into anything I want?

Yes, you can convert the container into anything. We container offers the space, you can literally convert space into anything. We mostly convert containers into shops, office space and homes.


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