How to transport commodities from Durban to other provinces.

Durban is one of the busiest ports in Africa and the most busies port in South Africa, a lot of commodities coming into the country use the Durban port and for items being exported out the country, it is also a major port.

Knowing all of this, you may be willing to start a commodities transportation business and you are wondering how you will be able to transport goods from Durban to anywhere in South Africa. Here are some of the options you need to consider:

You can load them in trucks.

There are small trucks which are always available to carry small quantities of goods.  Such small trucks are great especially if you are transporting commodities within Kwazulu-natal.  If you are starting out small, we expect you to start by using small trucks because you might not have the capital to buy large merchandise.

Transport commodities using containers.

Containers are mostly used to transport commodities from Durban to other towns or provinces. In Durban, you can get a 3m, 6m or 12m container to transport your commodities to other regions. You will have the best peace of mind when commodities are transported in containers because containers are very safe.

If you are dealing in perishable goods, there are refrigerated containers which are able to keep your goods at the best temperatures. You will surely love it. Actually, most of the trucks have inbuilt containers, they simply transport items using containers.

For light expensive commodities, you could consider using air transport.

You can opt for air transportation to any other towns around South Africa from Durban.  This is mostly great for light expensive commodities. Or whatever commodity that might need to carry where time is an important factor for its delivery.

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