What is included in the container sale price in Durban

If you have ever bought a container or planning to buy a container, you might be wondering how several containers selling companies come up with the final price. The overall price of the container is dependent on several factors and here are some of the things that are included in the final value of the containers.

The actual value of the container.

The actual value of the container is highly considered when coming up with the final price of the Container in Durban. When the container is used, the price of its value usually depreciates.  For very brand new containers, expect the prices to be high.

A lot of clients actually know what they are looking for and when searching for containers, they always say that they either need brand new or used containers. At containers for sale Durban, we have both used and new containers.

In addition, the size of the container is another important factor when considering the value of the container. Smaller containers are cheaper compared to large containers.  So when you are buying for example, a 12m container, expect the price to be higher than when purchasing a 6m container.

Delivery location.

Before we even go further to sell containers, one of the things that we usually consider and ask our clients is the delivery location of the container. The reason for asking for this is because we always want to include the transportation charges on top of the actual container price.

Container are heavy to carry, you need some kind of special transportation to get them from one location to another. And because of that, most container selling companies usually include that price.

We always want to deliver the container to its final location.  If you think that you can manage the logistics of carrying the container from one location to another, we can remove the transportation costs.

Buy containers in Durban with Containers for sale Durban, we have some of the best containers for sale at the best price.


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